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As a Broker, Michael Nuvallie has been a HUD-regisered and certified licensed broker since the mid-1980s, and is qualified to do this in the three states he covers--Masschusetts, Vermont and New York. He has sold many HUD foreclosed homes and is an expert at the process. Many buyers are not even aware of the opportunity in getting a foreclosed home at a decent price, and almost always do not know anything as to the process.

This is where we come in to firstly help you understand this special housing opportuntiy, and then educate you on the inforamtion and tasks you need to know so you can be a competitive buyer on these foreceloased homes. Please contact Mike for further discussion and review on this exciting opportunity. In the interim, please click on the Hud.Gov/HUD Homes link below that will bring you to a portal that shows these opportunities all across the country!


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