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About Us

Nuvallie Realty -  Founded in 1972 by Joseph A. Nuvallie

In 1972 our founder, Joseph A. Nuvallie, started his real estate business with a few guiding principals, paramount in being the provision of personal dedication and loyalty to his clients.  At the end of the day the right price will sell the property, yet along the way you want someone to take you by the hand and get you through it all--that is what Joe strived to do!  This has continued today with every property we list or every buyer we represent.

For a list of our dedicated agents, Mike Nuvallie, Patricia Nuvallie, Melissa Tower or Mary Lou Levanos, please see their respective contact information under the agent's section.

If you are contemplating selling your home, or need buyer representation,  we have stories to share with you from our former clients.

     During these trying economic times, Nuvallie Realty listed and sold my house in North Adams, Massachusetts.  Their services were exemplary.  They went beyond expectations, seeing that everything was well taken care of.  Their high level of expertise, knowledge and professionalism were why I wanted to work with them, but I was also continually grateful for their warmth and heartfelt friendliness during discouraging moments.  I am firmly convinced that I got the best representation from initial listing to final closing and I would highly recommend them to anyone selling or purchasing a home.
Mary Jirkovsky, Math Teacher, North Adams)

     My husband and I were first time home buyers, and knew nothing about buying a home. Then we found Nuvallie Realty. They were always there to answer any question we had, or even just listen to our concerns. They are all very kind, knowledgeable, and willing to do anything for you. Mike Nuvallie told me from the beginning, 'I will hold your hand through this', and he was right on the money. I would not go with any other realty, they surely treat you like family.   (Nathan and Melissa Wood)

     My parents' passing left our family a difficult choice….. We had to sell the home we were born and raised in, with all the memories to pack up in boxes.  The decision to let Nuvallie Realty list our home was the easy part.  Mike and Trish were there for us in every aspect of this endeavor. Their personal service and constant communication allowed us to stay in contact and understand what was happening every step of the way.  Even in the worst financial timeframe of this decade, Nuvallie Realty sold our house to a wonderful family.
     (Sue Rowe)

     The decision to sell my mom’s home after she passed away was difficult; the choice of realtors was easy, we chose Nuvallie Realty.  Mike was there for us lending his expertise and knowledge helping us make informed decisions regarding the sale. Even during our most discouraging moments Mike with his advice and encouragement. Finally as we drew towards closing the sale Mike did everything to make the process a smooth and easy transaction.  We would recommend Nuvallie Realty to anyone buying or sell a home. 
  (Pat & Bob LeClair)

     As first time homebuyers we needed to have someone in our corner that we could trust.  Nuvallie Realty was or first and only choice.  Their advice and knowledge was what we needed to make this crucial next step for our family. 
Hildabrand, Head Coach Men's Soccer, Mass College of Liberal Arts)

     Buying a "HUD House", one sold by the government after a foreclosure on a federally-insured mortgage, is a process that is mysterious and wrapped in red tape.  If you are a regular person who just wants to buy a house that happens to be on the market as a HUD house, you will need a knowledgeable broker who can help you cut through the tape.  I highly recommend Mike Nuvallie; he helped me understand what was going on, and steered me past the uncertainties and pitfalls that seemed to pop up every time I turned around.  Note that every HUD House has a "listing broker", usually someone who specializes in these houses, but lives far away and does not have your interests or those of the community in mind.  Use your own broker HUD-approved broker instead.  Mike knows the ropes, knows the area, and can help you get the house you want. 
Heather Williams, Professor of Biology, Williams College)

     If it is true that buying a house is the biggest financial investment that you can make, then it is also true that you must surround yourself with the best team possible. Unlike some other realty companies - often franchises that are not much more than a profit-driven collection of non-related employees - Nuvallie Realty is a family owned and family run business, based on the old-fashioned values of integrity, commitment, and honesty. These three qualities result in a level of service that is personal, loyal, and beyond what most others realty companies can ever hope to offer. In other words, Nuvallie Realty is an independent company free of financial interests that would in any way jeopardize the needs and concerns of the buyer. From the first moment you see your potential new house to long after the ink has dried on the newly-signed mortgage, the employees at Nuvallie Realty continue to work for you. Rest assured, if you are in the market for a new house, Nuvallie Realty will become like another family member, albeit it older, wiser, and able to skillfully guide you through the entire buying process.   
Michael Little, English Teacher, Clarksburg Elementary School)


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